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Production Coating

High Volume Liquid & Powder Coating – Our high volume coating services are set-up to handle a wide range of colors at automotive and appliance level volumes.  We have multiple racking systems to maximize rack density to ensure your are getting the most competitive pricing possible.


·         Blue Line – 42” H x 30” W x 120” L

·         Green Line – 60”H x 36” W x 48” L

Cleaning - Both lines are set-up as a multi-metal cleaning system to include steel, aluminum, and zinc.  Our systems use a sophisticated cleaning package that removes most of the common soils and metal working fluids.  After cleaning the parts receive an iron phosphate conversion coating which greatly enhances the performance properties such as adhesion, chip resistance, and corrosion protection.  For aluminum parts, our system has a fluoride chemical necessary to provide a surface etch. 

Like most iron-phosphate systems, it will not remove hot rolled scale, laser scale, rust, and other atypical contaminates.  For these cases we have several means of cleaning the parts including blasting, tumbling, solvent cleaning, and thermal stripping.